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Manhattan Line for your metal lunch boxes and tin packaging.


Custom imprinting is available.

 Silver Domed Lunch Box - SLNOP  
 Small Retro Lunch Box - SRNOP

 Silver Retro Lunch Box - LRNOP


Large Retro Lunch Box
with Thermos   XTNOP


 Big Box Tin


 Attache - ATNOP


Presentation Tin - PNNOP
 Small Square Tin - SQNOP


Black Domed Lunch Box - BLNOP


 Medium Retro Lunch Box - MRNOP


 Thermos - TSNOP
 Everything Tin - ETNOP


 Big Box Tin -BBNOP


 Small Round Tin - RDNOP


 Large Round Tin - LRDNOP


Rectangular Tin - RTNOP 


"**Disclaimer: All logos are the trademarks/copyrights of their respective owners and are used for demonstration purposes only.**"

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