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Overseas orders - Full external body imprint

- Please call for large order quotes. Typical size order is 2,500 and above   to help defray the cost of ocean freight and customs charges that are       not order quantity related.

- An overseas order will use the offset printing technology for imprinting a   lunch box or tin that can cover the entire outside surface if desired. We     can also arrange for embossing or debossing the product.

- Imprinting is done when the metal is flat and prior to forming into a tin

- A so called "flat sample" can be ordered which will reduce shipping costs     while providing details on the accuracy of the final imprint. It will add 10       working days onto the delivery of final product. Typical cost is $400.00 (G)   plus airfreight of approximately $100.00 net. 

- Should you wish a sample of the fully assembled final product, the typical   cost is $625.00 (G) plus airfreight of approximately $150.00 net.

- Delivery time is usually 60-90 days, after sample approval, depending on     production loading and time of year. Inland shipping time and cost is not     included in time and quote.

- Please call for information.

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